World financial turmoil affect crude oil prices

Oil prices are now above $91 a barrel, after hitting the eight months low because of significant global economic concern, this concern limits to growth and undermines the global demand for crude oil Space with a world financial crisis still going on animist suspect that oil prices will stay low. In the last three months […]

What’s Next for the EUR/USD?

What’s Next for the EUR/USD? For the past three years, Americans have watched in shock and horror as their currency fell increasingly far behind the Euro, an upstart currency that seemed destined to supplant the greenback as the prime world currency. Indeed, some Europeans had even been clamouring for a reexamination of the status of […]

Warren Buffet |US Stocks, US Equities | Investment Banks

Watching Warren Omaha-based investment guru Warren Buffet recently made a rare public proclamation. In a New York Times editorial, he encouraged others to follow his suit and buy up US equities, in the belief that the current panic has depressed their values far beyond fundamentally justifiable levels. He revealed that he himself now has nearly […]

Could A Run On The Banks Occur?

One of the most powerful images of the Great Depression is of the tragic run on the banks. When depositors became panicked that banks could not cover all of their obligations, they stampeded to withdraw their money. They were correct- the banks could not pay back all of the depositors, and as a result they […]

Oil Prices Fall as Economy Falters

US consumers may be celebrating the recent fall of gas prices, but a number of disturbing fundamentals lie behind this seemingly positive development . If we examine the underlying causes for the recent fall of oil from about $150 to under $70 a barrel, we will find some unsettling surprises. First, we must understand that […]

Profiting During a Recession

While the current recession certainly has an impact on most businesses, there are actually ways that some businesses can benefit from the current difficulties. As Dr. Mike Walden, the North Carolina Cooperative Extension economist in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at N.C. State University, says: ” When you have recession, people are going […]

Hedge Funds Help Families Acquire Homes

Hedge Funds for Habitat-NYC is supported by some of the leading hedge fund and private equity firms in New York, including the NIR Group, Corey Ribotsky managing principal.

Finance Weekly Profile: Alan Quasha

Alan Quasha is an expert at restructuring companies, and has been for the past 30 years.

Spirits Rise with Hedge Fund Gains

This is good news to the hears of fund managers all over the world, including some of the managers Finance Weekly has been watching, such as Gregg Hymowitz of EnTrust Capital and Harry Rady of Rady Asset Management.

PIPE Investment Not a Pipe Dream For GM

Head portfolio manager of the NIR Group of Roslyn, New York, Corey Ribotsky, described the many ways in which the recent U.S. government bailout of General Motors Corporation resembles a PIPE deal.

Investigators Warn: Stess Tests Not Enough

However the panel also said that the Fed’s most pessimistic scenario was not far reaching enough.

Do Investors Get Unbiased Research From Wall Street?

The question Hymowitz dealt with is whether Wall Street analysts are biased in their research and whether there is conflict of interest when coming to conclusions about the investments they are encouraging their clients to make.

Shareholders Arise: Take More Responsibilty for Banks’ Policies

Shareholders seem to be taking their rights more seriously as banks observe larger turnouts at their annual shareholder meetings.

The Unique Advantage of Hedging with the NIR Group

One hedge fund investment firm is the NIR Group, headquartered in Roslyn, New York headed by Corey Ribotsky, head portfolio manager.

eToro’s Forex Trading Platform Secures $6.3M

Reprinted from Israel-based eToro has secured $6.3 million in Series B financing from BRM Group, Cubit Investments and other unnamed investors. eToro offers an online financial trading platform that helps less experienced traders to easily conduct foreign exchange trades via a simple user interface. eToro’s interface provides six different “trading arenas” for traders ranging from beginners to experienced […]

Interest Rates Fall, and the Dollar Follows

Everyone wants the Fed to take action to get the economy back on track, but now it’s starting to look like measures taken to help one area can do damage in another, complicating matters further. This week the Fed slashed interest rates, a move intended to stimulate growth in the local economy. But the move […]

Green is the New Green

One of the variables underlying the current economic crisis is of course the price of oil. From airlines to SUV owners, to those who heat their homes with oil, everyone is feeling the wild fluctuations in this commodity. Although oil is down right now, all rational projections are that the price of a commodity with […]

Who is Too Big To Fail?

For the past few months, we have been hearing debates about whether Bear Stearns, AIG, Lehmann Brothers, Chrysler, Ford, and GM are “too big to fail”, the assumption being that, were they to fold, they would take America down with them. The question is, how does an influx of taxpayer money prevent failing? Isn’t the […]