Oil Prices Fall as Economy Falters

US consumers may be celebrating the recent fall of gas prices, but a number of disturbing fundamentals lie behind this seemingly positive development . If we examine the underlying causes for the recent fall of oil from about $150 to under $70 a barrel, we will find some unsettling surprises. First, we must understand that […]

Obama on Trade

US President-elect Barack Obama is widely hailed as representing a new, more humble American approach to the rest of the world. He has been hailed in many nations as a visionary of globalization and more receptive to collaboration with a wider range of partners. But does this necessarily mean he’ll encourage free trade? His voting […]

Leveraged Investments |Day-Trading | Current Economic Crisis

Is Leverage Dead? The liberal use of leverage was a major factor in the current economic crisis. However, use of leverage can sometimes be justified for short-term, technical traders, provided it is paired with appropriate position size and a responsible, automated stop-losses policy. Leverage, a euphemism for borrowing money to invest in risky ventures, was […]